Concrete Pumping Vs Traditional Methods

Concrete Pumping Vs Traditional Methods

The construction industry is constantly looking for ways to improve its techniques. Safety is always the top priority, but we also want to do things better, more efficiently, and at a higher quality.

52M-18Historically, concrete was delivered to the forms by cranes, buckets and wheelbarrows. Today, we can build comparable structures in a matter of weeks or months while in the past it may have taken even years or a lifetime. Concrete pumping has allowed construction professionals to deliver the required concrete faster, safer and more reliably. All structures, from the tallest skyscraper to a small house foundation require concrete and nothing gets concrete where it needs to go better than concrete pumping.

Concrete pumping is faster than other traditional methods and requires just one piece of equipment to complete the job. Faster, more efficient placement means we can help you meet your deadlines.

It isn’t just speed that makes us the clear choice. Concrete pumping requires less water than other methods and with the continuous improvement in pumping technology, newer additives, water reducers and plasticizers are also pumpable. This means, once we place the concrete, it won’t shrink and crack, maintaining its strength.

At Masterlink, we’ve built a fleet of the best concrete trucks. Our boom pumps are able to pump concrete at high volumes – delivering the concrete where you need it at the speed you want it.Our fleet is diverse enough to handle whatever you need us to do, from home improvement projects to stadium repairs. Don’t rely on the methods of the past that slow down your progress and delay completion. Trust your project to us, and the proven cost-effective, high quality, and accurate results of concrete pumping.